Sight Cuts/Sight Relations

A common feature of all of the park complexes is that from certain positions, they offer visitors views of striking points (e.g. buildings) in the respective complexes. This even goes so far that these view cuts (e.g. forest aisles) also reveal a view of the landscape surrounding the complex. It appears to visitors as if the appealing point in the landscape is part of the park itself.

This kind of view relation can even be established between individual parts of the Garden Realm. Of course, this means one can see in both directions, and one can see inwards from the outside or outwards from the inside along these view cuts. Several views from one point are also possible.

However, some of the view relations have now been disturbed by human intervention or by neglect in care. Indeed, some are even impossible to restore. The biosphere reserve administration is restoring historical views outside of the park grounds, e.g. the view relations at the Luisium using landscape gardening staff, although this involves a lengthy approval process.

109 view cuts or view relations are catalogued and their current state is assessed in the Hortec study.

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